Friday, December 23, 2016

My world in my palm –real world far -far away

My world  in my palm –real world far -far away

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(This is the faithful translation of a post  , posted by Hamsabai  SAnthana Krishnan. I enjoyed reading it, though my world  is the real one and not in my palm)

I am not able see the  face of those  who pass by,
I am not able to understand  thoughts of who laugh  at me from behind,
All my travel is with bent head . touching  the touch screen,
My world was in my palm ,
My cell phone became my lover and my wedded  wife  moved far away.

All relatives  and family member  in the family   group,
Friends  and their friends in  the friendship group,
After the hum of the night owl  and before    the cocks   xrowed,
I started   getting in Whatsapp,
I started forgetting  the spring called truth,

Birthday greetings to unknown people,
Condolences for death  of strangers,
When some body    sent  the message “Hi” , I replied “Ha”,
Somehow when my  own son called  me “papa”,
I lifted my eye brows  and with fiery look burned him.

I saw the status of others   and enjoyed it,
I wondered on reading  profile of others,
I got immersed in their picture message,
Interested  in downloaging the video,
After  washing hand , I could not  ,
Remember  what all I ate.
Keeping in my mind   the Sambar of uncle;s home,
The papads   fried by  the aunt, the tomato bath of sister’s home,
And   the   different dishes told by my sister  in law,
I quarreled   with my wife, who gave  nectar like food  ,
Saying that  it was worse  than the worst poison,
I laghed myself , cried myself  , wondered  myself, enjoyed myself,
But some how I did not realize that I am no more myself,
I went on complaining   that everything  is in the android,
I started searching   for places   where  there was net work connection,
My laughter, sorrow  , shyness , singing , dancing,
Family  , relations and friends  were in Kimoji ,
But When I lifted my head and saw,
There  were no one  before me,
The relatives   and friends passed  me by,
With my world  in my palm,
This is the Whatsapp world,

No need for any relations

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