Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Whatsapp groups , Ada Devuda!

Whatsapp groups  , Ada  Devuda!

(Based    on tamil write up by  Neyveli Murali)


One lady   with curiosity  asked  her friend,
“How come   you are  not seen in face book for  lot of time?”
“Oh I was busy in whatsapp   groups  for quite   some time.”
“Oh That is  why you are always   online even at night!”
“True , I am a member   of eleven different groups “
“Oh  my God, last month you told  it is six or seven?”
Oh  I am member   of several new  groups dear”
“What   are those  mew groups  do tell me !”
“one is school  group” but I too am a member there”
“Oh this is different .It is of those who studied three years only with me.”
“The next is tution  group” , “ Hey I am   also in that  group”
“Oh no, this is  of those   who study , chemistry tution”
“Then  a group of admins of all the group I am a member”
“Hey don’t you have any work, But what   all other groups”
“Oh the maid  servant group” “But you are  not a maid servant”
“Oh  all the maids  wanted me to be admin   for their groups”
“you said  eleven, still there  is one more   group”
:Oh I wont  tell, You would make fun of me”
“What more   to think of you after  this?, Please tell”
”We have started a group of people who were together in our last birth”

“Ada devuda! Oh my God! Nanna devare !Enga Ummachi!”

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