Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wife is like Sun, Husband like moon?

Wife is like Sun, Husband like moon?

Translated from Malayalam by

(this cute comparison  was given by my face book friend Sunilkumar Surendran  in Malayalam.I am sure you may  be able to compare  )

Dear  husband sent a SMS  to his wife.

All that I need  is the wife   and the sun,
Sun  cooks food  for the plants and wife for me,
Sun makes us drink   water    in summer ,
And wife makes  me  do it everyday,
Both of them   would always be hot,
Saluting Sun  as well as wife  are  good for health,
Do not stare  either   at wife  or sun,
If  you do   the result would not be comforting.
But I wish   my wife be    as pretty  and cool as  a moon

Pat came the reply SMS    from wife

All that I need  is husband   and the moon,
Both of them would  be missing in day time,
Both of them would come with a smile   at night,
Both are   normally   cool, when I see them
Both would be missing    on  at least a day,
Both of   them  change their forms   daily,
Some times a sandal paste    and some times a sickle

But I do not wish my husband to be   as harsh as the Sun.

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