Friday, December 23, 2016

Teacher the God

Teacher  the God


(Ofcourse I love teaching, I respect  teachers and whenever  possible thank God   for the wonderful teachers  that I had, without whom, I would not be what I am. This is based on a posting by  Narasimham Kota, a face book friend in English. I have used the material and put it in my own style .Next time you meet any teacher  any where , Salute him , for he/she is GOD)

Once during a  public function to award ,
All  the greats in  the society  , very many,
Great ministers , CEOs , Doctors  ,financiers , lawyers
Soft ware  geniuses  , musicians  and teachers met.

Some small talk was   there  before the function,
Each great  told why he is great   and why his job is great,
And all people  listened   with great care  this useful talk,
And all of them observed that the teacher did not tell anything.

One CEO  asked , a poorly dressed   teacher  sitting by his side,
“I am sure  you hate  your job and would not   want any one ,
To become a teacher like   you and possibly  , you  have not done,
Anything great as  all of us , who are great have done.”

The teacher  smiled   and told the CEO in no uncertain terms,
 “I make   all your kids  work much harder  than you  can ever imagine,
I make them feel   that all that I teach  are the greatest knowledge  they ever know,
I make them sit  on their benches  for 40 minutes, hearing all that I teach  with attention,
While you can’t make them sit for  two minutes, without giving them cell phone , IPOD or movie.”

“I make them wonder  at the knowledge , I make them question with curiosity,
If they err , I make them apologize, I make them love and respect  all that they do,
I  make them take responsibility  for the work they do, I make them write,
And make them understand  that keyboarding   is not   everything.
I make them read  all the books and make them understand reading is better than googling ,
I make them  understand maths , make them do calculation and not depend on calculators,
I make them understand the value of life , I make them question   about blind beliefs,
I tell them  that  the God is one for every one  and unless  we all understand this well.
From this very modern age   we would be   slipping back   to the old stone age  .”

I teach them science   and tell them, not to assume anything but try to prove it,
I tell them  to use God given gifts, work hard and be curious so that  and then race to success.

.After all this,  when you judge me as   simply a teacher without money and riches,
I hold my head high  and not bother   for your silly  words expressed without thought ,
And say to all of you ,”But for teachers like me, you will  not be what  you are,
CEOs, Doctors, Engineers, Politicians , Lawyers , soft ware    engineers   and so on.”

One by one all those   great stood  up and clapped     and clapped  ,and saluted that teacher
For  they knew  God created them  but  it was teacher the God who made them what they  are.

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