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Perfect bride search -a consultation

Perfect   bride  search  -a consultation

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(This is based on the posting of  Hamsabai  Santhana  Krishnan. My thanks to her   The groom is  nearing thirty , anxious  to get married  but not getting suitable bride decides to consult  an elder . This is the result.)

One very elegible   , handsome   groom    wanting to find out,
What type  of girl  he has    to  search to  be his partner,
Some one suggested  him  r to consult  a  well known and great pundit,
That pundit  gave a   seat to the  groom  , gave him  coffee  he has prepared and told,
“Do not choose   a pretty girl , as other people  may start loving her,
Do not   choose  a very ugly girl, as you may start hating   her,
Do  not search  for a tall girl as  you would be forced to look  up to her,
Do not search  for a dwarf girl , as   you would be forced  to look down on her,
Do not search for a very fat girl as id sge dashes against you , you will fall down,
Do not search for a  thin girl,  as possibly she may not be visible to you,
Do not search   for a white girl , for she will remind you of a candle,
Do not search for a black girl, for  in darkness  she may not be visible to you,
Do not search for a uneducated girl, for she would not understand  what you say,
Do not  search  for a well educated girl, she will argue   with you   always,
Do not marry a rich girl, as she will tell you are   spending  her money,
Do not marry a poor girl, for   after your death , no one will support her ,
Do not search for a girl  who loves a lot , for after  your death, she will love another,
Do not marry a short   tempered girl, your life would become hell,
Do not marry an  all knowing one, she  will  waste all your moey,
Do not marry a girl who does not know anything ,she will make you her servant,
Do not marry a peaceful girl, she would be peaceful , even you die,
Do not marry a girl who creates great noise, for every insect,, she would assemble the entire  village ,
Do not marry a girl of  your own town, as she  will always be in her mother’s house,
Do not marry a girl from a far off place  , as your entire life would be spent in journey,”

The young man saluted that  wise man and told, “Now I know why you are  not married.”

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