Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Your belongings after death

Your  belongings   after   death

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(The idea   has been taken from a post of Smt Hamsabai Anantha Krishnan and except   for a few  presentation changes   are hers only.My acknowledgements to her.)

A   rich person of the world  suddenly   expired,
And when he   realized   that he is no more  ,
God was standing near  him with a box,
And told him , “ Come, Son the  time  to go has arrived.”

The man pleaded with God  . “ Great one , so soon,
What would happen   to my unfinished plans?”
God Said  , beg your pardon son , Decision has been taken,
This is the time   for you   to accompany   me.”

Man asked “What  does that  box in your hand have?
God said , “your  possessions   , son.”
Man was enthused and with joy asked ,
“Does it have my wealth  , dresses and share  certificates?”

God  said , “  all that   you told   are  not yours,
For they are things   that you  needed to live in the world,”
Man was shattered  greatly and asked ,
“Does it then   have  all my thoughts  ?”

God said,”Those  thoughts  are  the play of time”
Man   then asked  “ Does it contain my abilities.?”
God said “Those   are  temporary  things ,
That were  needed  by you  , as per  your environment”

Man   fondly looked    at the   box and asked God again.
“Does it contain my wife    as well as my children?”
God with a smile  replied ”They  were  never  yours,
But they were  connected  to you , through  your mind.”

Man seemed   to understand   and asked  “Is it my body?”
God replied  with a loud  laughter, “Not yours  definitely”
Man  said , “Oh  , I made a  mistake  , u it must be my soul.”
God   with  a sneer replied “Your soul is mine  not yours.”

Man  took the box  opened  it and saw it empty,
He was shocked and asked  “So I have nothing”
God said, “  Yes that   is the truth ,
There  is nothing in the world   that  is yours.”

God continued  “Life is ob ne second that  you spend on earth,
Live that  one second with joy , not thinking   that  anything ,
That is with you   are around   Is yours or belongs to you,

And  You ca’nt   take anything  with you after  death  “

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