Wednesday, December 21, 2016

After me , who will be the Guru?

After  me , who will be the Guru?


(This thought process   was triggered   by a post of Balamurugan  in face book.Thanks to him)

There was very  great and pious  Guru of yore,
Who was steeped   in Godliness and piety.
One day that  Guru realized  that,
The time has come   for him   to go.

His mind asked him  “after you , who?”
And the Guru replied, “not for me   to decide,
But for god to decide but  anyway , my mind.
Being not a king , I  need not bother  about these things.”

But his mind was  persistent    and told him ,
“You are teaching   the world   about  the great God,
And   due to  you   very many  people,
Who have come   your way   are  really good.”

The Guru thought   that  there is something  ,
In what his  mind told  and called  all his four disciples”
And told them, “The time has come for   me to go  ,
And I want one of you to become  Guru after  me.”

I am going to keep     two  important   tests for you,
And then   he asked   the four of them  to go out ,
And bring the most petty  thing that they see,
They all    went out   and  three of them returned first.

The first one   brought   an extremely  pretty flower,
The second one  brought a butterfly of unparalleled beauty,
And the third one brought   a dear , dear little kid of a bird,
But the   fourth one    came back very late  but empty handed

Guru asked   the fourth one. “Hey what happened to you?”
He told”I saw the pretty flower but felt  the plant will cry if I pluck it,
I indeed    saw  the butter fly but  did not want to cut off  its independence,
And ofcourse  I saw the bird  and felt that its mother   will miss him.”

The Guru was   extremely glad and gave each of them a  Banana fruit,
And told them, “Take this fruit and eat it in a place  where no one is there.”
The first three   disciples   finished   the h job very quickly  ,
And returned  empty handed  but the fourth came  back with the fruit.

The Guru asked the first  three  where   they ate   their fruit,
One said inside a cave, another in a  closed room and third inside a close box,
The Guru questioningly   looked   at the   fourth and asked,
“In this    wide world, could you not  find a place  without any one?”

The fourth one said , “great teacher , wherever  I went ,
I could not see   any place   without God and so I brought it back.
The guru was happy   and said, “you the fourth  one ,

Would be Guru after me, for your   are indeed human and are  aware of God.”

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