Monday, December 26, 2016

Fat and cheap Idli vs Thin and costly Dosa

Idli  philosophy  -Part II

Fat and cheap Idli  vs Thin   and costly  Dosa

P.R.  Ramachander

(I  wanted to further   write on philosophy  of Idli and  chanced to read post of Hamsabai  Santhana Krishnan.  I have just added   two or three  more points  to what she has  already written in Tamil )

One  Idli  is made of one ladle dough and so is one dosa
One Idli costs   ten rupees  , but One Dosa   costs  forty rupees

Possible reasons

1.Idli is a small  circle  , Dosa  is a  large circle,
Teaching us   that  if  our mind is  made in to bigger  circle  ,
Rather   than a small circle  , the respect we get would  go up

2.To make 50 idlis  it takes  fifteen minutes,
But too make  50 dosas  it may   even take I one hour,
Proving that   if you do not hurry up  in your jobs,
The value   of your   job would definitely   go up.

3. Idli is fat  and does  not have  any  taste of its own,
Bur Dosa  is Slim  and  has  a taste   of its own,
Any  thin person  with his own ideas  is wise and liked by more
And any fat one without any idea of  his own  is a fool and is not liked by many

4.Idli  is  prepared  without   any other thing except the dough,
Dosa   is prepared  by adding oil  to the dough.
A fat person who does not get knowledge  is not liked,
But a thin person who has knowledge  is liked.

5.The varieties of Idli  using the normal dough  is limited,
The varieties  of Dosas  using normal dough is nearly one hundred,
The esteem of a person depends  on how many forms he can shine.
And so  Idli rarely shines   but Dosa   shines forever.

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