Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Yennanga (“Hey you!”)

Yennanga  (“Hey you!”)

Translated by
P.R.Ramachander (ofcourse I have changed it a bit.Hope author would excuse)

 IN India till recently no wife used to address her husband by his name believing that  her husband’s life span would come down  .There were  many methods  that they used  to adopt

1.       One popular method  was the wife would say “Listen Oy” , “aji Suniye “ , “idha  ingottu onnu nokku”  ,  “Yei” , Yennanga “  etc
2.       They call them by  some respectful relation  “Mama”, “Athan”  , “chetta.” Etc
3.       Use single words  “Aji”, Oji”  , “aajee” “saare”  “aap”  , “tumhi”  etc

This is only just a sample  . I am giving translation  of tamil write up   written by my face book friend   Neyveli  Murali    He says that  the simple “yennanga? (what sir?)  “  uttered by  a wife has hundreds of connotations, which only her husband can understand . Translation of that write up in English gave me a great joy  .But instead of “what sir”  I preferred to use  “Hey you”   so that it becomes  more funny. May  be the tone  and style by which she says it , would also   alter the meaning  . Let us travel a bit   in the king dom of “Yennanga”
Suppose she says  “hey you  “ from bath room,
It means she is calling t you  to hit a cockroach or lizard,
Suppose   She says “hey you  “  in the hotel,
It  means   pay the bill, let us go,
If when you are talking with some  one with folded hands ,
Outside your home, if she says “hey you”  it means  do not fold hands,
If you are both attending    a marriage  function  .
And sge says “hey you” , it means she  wants  totell me , one  of my friend has come,
If we says  “hey you  “  in the   cloth shop, it means,
That she has located the sari she likes,
When we are travelling  in our car, if she  says,
“Hey you”, it means  she has located  a flower shop on the way,
When we go to to the dispensary  and she says ,
“Hey you” it indicates she isasking what to tell the doctor
If she  says “Hey you” when she is looking outside  our home,
It means that a stranger has come to our home,
If she stands  near our Bureau   and says , “hey you”,
It would indicate  that I would be losing money  soon.
If  she has kept items of meals  on the dining table,
And says  strongly  “Hey you”  , it means   she is asking,
“Are you coming  to take your food , or shall I break your laptop.
Of course   there are many “hey you”   they are more private.

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